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Healthy Gossip

A Teaching & Learning Curicculum

Our Healthy Gossip (HG) series is a call to action that is based on the theory that knowledge must become useful to help people to understand their reality and their social dynamics. The aim is to involve learners to change and to make life better for them. The novellas in the “Healthy Gossip” series were developed to throw a new light on the old problem of infant mortality. HG provides the educational tools of individual empowerment.


Brazilian educator Paulo Freire has termed "education for critical consciousness," Photo novella allows people to document and discuss their life conditions as they see them”.


Healthy Gossip is used in support groups to help stimulate discussion. HG gives shape, form, rhythm and voice to their issues, and it becomes their story,” It’s important to understand the cultural language of a targeted population when doing education, training, and research or any engaging work. That cultural understanding need to be part of the design; implementation and dissemination processes of all work that engages communities to embrace or change behaviors for the betterment of themselves and their families.

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