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Tallahassee COPE COALITION: - Mini-Grantees

Tallahassee COPE Coalition Mini-grantees:  Sheila Costigan - Executive Director, Foundation Leon County Schools, Mary Barley, Executive Director, Working Well, and Jennifer D'Urso, MPH, TTS Tobacco Prevention Specialist for Leon County Health Department  

Tallahassee COPE Leadership Team, Miaisha Mitchell, Dr. Cynthia Harris and Sokoya Finch.

Rick Minor, Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor, City of Tallahassee - Supporting the efforts of Tallahassee COPE Coalition working towards decreasing childhood obesity.

African Caribbean Dance Theatre Troupe

Transforming Lives Through Dance

Age:  5 and up to include youth's families


ACDT aims to develop a model program for the Tallahassee community's families' consumption toward health and well ness in its efforts to fight childhood obesity by using the following:  1) Getting Physicians engage in the supporting healthy habits by adopting a policy of prescribing physical activity for patients. Physicians will utilize the "Let's Move" prescription pad and provide ACOT informational flyer. Physicians will be encouraged to join COPE Coalition. 2) Utilizing BodyWorks, an evidence-based toolkit for parents and children ages 9 to 14 to address healthy family eating,  and increased physical activity habits, and 3) Provide accessible and affordable physical activity opportunities by creating opportunities for youth participation in visual and cultural performing arts.

Bond Community Health Center

"Walking & Talking about Eating: A Family Fitness Social Marketing Campaign"

Age: 5-13 year olds, patients and staff of BCHC & its satellite centers


We propose to carry-out a social marketing community- based Family Wellness intervention called Walking And Talking about Eating (WATE). Adults (BCHC patients and staff) must be accompanied by a primary school-aged off-spring in order to participate in the program, as the  primary target group is youth. Enrollment will occur in cohorts of 20 participants who will transition through the program for four weeks. At the end of each 4-week program the respective group will select a youth innovator from among them to continue to branch-off independently from the BCHC location as new cohorts are enrolled. Talk (rhythmic chants while walking) about eating will be developed to social market desired eating and exercise behaviors. Supervised student volunteers will develop start-up chants. Subsequently youth will participate in competitions to develop appealing nutrition chants which will be posted on a project website. Respective competition entrants will solicit votes from among peers and winning votes will be finalists for the coming month’s chant (Developing youth leadership skills).

CRS Network, Inc.

Creating a Healthy Village Together Families & Community

Age: 50 families or children


This program is an experiential learning that includes nutrition and physical activity. It is intended to increase families' confidence and skill set in nutrition and learn the balance between physical activity and food. Will also increase exposure to usual and performing arts. Agency: Damayan, Inc. Title: Seeds for Change: Addressing Food Insecurity & the Causes of Childhood Obesity thru Gardening & Youth DevelopmentAges: youth 6-12 & 19-25 years of ageWebsite: http://www.damayan.orgThe Plan: 1. Addressing food insecurity with the creations of two gardens accessible to people at risk of food insecurity with success measured by installation of the two gardens and utilization of the gardens by 75 participants.2. Develop youth leaders from underserved communities by engaging five high school youth in the business and crop production of starting and running an urban farm with success measured by retention of 5 youth leaders, 125lbs pounds harvested and $250 total produce sales.3. Increasing gardening knowledge by the provision of garden training and education activities with success measured by reaching 150 unduplicated program participants.

Damayan, Inc.

Seeds for Change: Addressing Food Insecurity & the Causes of Childhood Obesity thru Gardening & Youth Development

Age:  5 and up to include youth's families


ACDT aims to develop a model program for the Tallahassee community's families' consumption toward health and well ness in its efforts to fight childhood obesity by using the following:  1) Getting Physicians engage in the supporting healthy habits by adopting a policy of prescribing physical activity for patients. Physicians will utilize the "Let's Move" prescription pad and provide ACOT informational flyer. Physicians will be encouraged to join COPE Coalition. 2) Utilizing BodyWorks, an evidence-based toolkit for parents and children ages 9 to 14 to address healthy family eating,  and increased physical activity habits, and 3) Provide accessible and affordable physical activity opportunities by creating opportunities for youth participation in visual and cultural performing arts.

Distinguished Young Gentlemen of American, Inc. (Tallahassee, FL)

Tallahassee Youth for Change

Age: 8-18 years of age males and females


Tallahassee Youth for Change will focus on prevention, health promotion, behavior change, and civic participation. This project intends to build, sustain, and promote youth leadership capacity in response to the call to action to reduce childhood obesity in Tallahassee, Florida. By engaging youth in the process of identifying gaps and challenges in childhood obesity prevention, Tallahassee Youth for Change (TYC) will promote decision-making and civic participation among youth in Leon County. Through this project, youth are civically engage to take action toward social change within their communities regarding childhood obesity prevention.

Distinguished Young Gentlemen of American, Inc. (Tallahassee, FL)

D.Y.G Health & Nutrition Leadership Project

Age: High School Males


Creating a health component within the D.Y.G organization that will provide intervention services to members that will target issues of low physical activity, lack of health and nutrition knowledge basics, and lack of access to healthy foods. The Health & Nutrition Leadership Project will aim to train members to become youth leaders among their peers with the purpose of educating them on healthy foods/nutrition, motivating them to change their lifestyles to consist of healthy food diets and greater participation in physical activity, while exposing them to various healthy foods. With this health project in place we are hoping to establish interventions that will encourage this targeted group of African Americans to increase their consumption of healthy foods, enhance their knowledge of nutrition, and boost their participation in physical activity. We also hope to educate and expose the parents of the teenage males to the importance of healthy foods and nutrition as well.

FAMU New Beginnings Education Research Center for Child Develop

FAMU New Beginnings Nutrition, Physical Health & Wellness Challenge

Age: Children between the ages of 2.5 -12 years of age


Goals: To educate children and families on the benefits of implementing healthy eating habits and physical activity during the early developmental years of a child’s life. To create and cultivate onsite raised edible gardens and FAMU New Beginnings and maintain the established Orange Ave, community garden plot (weekly), and to implement a physical fitness and wellness program designed for children and adults.

Fit 4 Life 2, Inc.

Fit 4 Life 2. Inc.

Age: 50 youth (ages 14-17) and adults


Fit4 Life will provide critical intervention services to include: physical fitness training, provide provisions, preparations, and teachings on healthy foods and nutrition to at-risk children and adults that lack access to healthy foods and physical activities.

Foundation for Leon County Public Schools - Success Academy/Second Chance/Tallahassee Sustainable Group

The Agrinauts Training Program

Age: Teachers and their students at Ghazvini Learning Center


The Agrinauts Training Program will develope a food and environment focused curriculum, holistically designed to engage students in gardening while achieving Florida Sunshine State Standards in science, math, health, and art Students will achieve five objectives: (1) recognize that nutrition is vital for human health (2) recognize that human nutrition is derived from our neighborhood food environment (3) master skills in growing, preparing, and marketing healthful meals (4) further academic success by accomplishing Sunshine State Standards (5) connect with a broader Tallahassee community that is focused on food and nutrition security.

Foundation for Leon County Schools - "COPE Kids Creating a 95210 World"



This project promotes healthy lifestyles changes through student led education and media campaigns. The project will establish and improve school gardens; increase physical activates/projects in school. Collaborate is a big component of the project to establish stronger wellness policies.

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Foundation for Leon County Public Schools

Healthy Communities 95210-Awareness, Education, and Outreach

Age: Tallahassee, & Leon County population


Healthy Communities is a dynamic digital outreach magazine that provides community members with a wide variety of community related information and education. The publication contains topics, stories, and resources that help reveal why our communities within Leon and surrounding counties are so vibrant. Healthy Communities seeks to spotlight those organizations, businesses, and individuals that are making our communities better places to live that you may otherwise not know anything about. Interest stories on achievements, accomplishments, goodwill, and contributions by the known and unknown makes Healthy Communities a refreshing new learning source about those committed to community enrichment.

Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association

Frenchtown Heritage Market Place

Age: Children and Families in the Frenchtown Communities


Engage and support best practices for increased access to local healthy foods to encourage healthy life styles; Identify, engage and support Farmer's Market and local gardeners/farmers to help establish community gardens; to engage and support efforts to demonstrate healthy eating choices and food preparation and food demonstration for families and to teach gardening skills and preparation and preservation of healthy foods.

Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association, Inc.

Empowered by Food/North Florida Culinary Incubator

Age: 60 repeat program participants and additional 200 unduplicated program participants


NFCI aims to connect youth and their families to food grown where they live by a) demonstrating fresh, healthful, and safe food preparation, b) demonstrating how to find and utilize the freshest, most local foods in Tallahassee and by c) building partnerships through a network of food.

Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association, Inc.

Composting for Life: Healthy Economics & Healthy Children

Age: 20 repeat program participants targeting: South Side of Tallahassee, and the Frenchtown neighborhoods


CFL will promote healthy activity amongst youth participants, educate parents and community residents on the need to compost and direct food back towards participating residents from the community gardens.

FSU Multidisciplinary Evaluation & Consulting Center

Healthy Living Now & in the Future: An Integrated Program for At-Risk Girls

Age: 11-18 years of age


Increase targeted interventions with at-risk, low-income adolescent females. Students will participate in two fitness classes, two nutrition classes, and one behavior activation therapy session (each 50 minutes) for 15 weeks. Students and family members will attend monthly gatherings including a healthy meal and wellness education activities. Interns will collect body composition data, and food and activity diaries pre- and post- intervention to assess change in body composition, consumption of healthy foods, and engagement in healthy activities.

Get Outdoors

The Discovery & Adventure Garden at Cascades Park

Age: Youth and their Families


We propose the development of a Discovery & Adventure Garden within Cascades Park in downtown

Tallahassee. It is aimed at connecting children and families to nature, getting them outdoors and active, and engaging them in their community. Our goal is to: 1) Use community support and resources to fund costs associated with, and physically build, an interactive, educational garden and play area in Tallahassee’s central public green space, Cascades Park. The space will be free to enjoy and open year-round.2) Educate the community on the importance of getting outdoors and being active through an awareness campaign that centers around the Discovery & Adventure Garden build day, aimed at reaching at least 60% of Tallahassee residents

Group, Inc. in partnership with Dare to Dream Young Girls Network, Inc.

Passport to a Healthier Lifestyle Though the Arts!

Age: Students 4-17 years old in Leon County


Dare to Dream will educate, promote, and address childhood obesity and the importance of healthy eating and exercising through the use of a curriculum-based creative arts program. It will include health and wellness themed activities and workshops designed to enrich youth and families with healthier life styles.

Leon County Extension, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Youth Understanding My Plate

Age: 3-5 years of age


We will use the YUM Curriculum, developed by graduate students enrolled in a year-long course required for students enrolled in the University of Florida's Master of Science-Dietetic Internship Program to reach the following goals: 1) Teach children how to make healthy food choices, 2) Reinforce grade-specific learning

and skills and 3) Participate in physical activities.

Leon County Health Department

95210 - The Whole Picture of Health

Age: Up to 18 years of age


Combining efforts in Leon County using COPE, ACHIEVE and MAPP to promote 95210: The Whole Picture of Health and engage partners is the key strategy infrastructure to create and sustain policy, systems and environmental change efforts that Tallahassee CHART has initiated and infused into the work of the city of Tallahassee with the 95210 campaign. Working with childcare centers,

schools & faith-based communities.

Leon County Health Department

COPE Grantee Policy, Systems and Environmental (PSE) Project

Age: All COPE mini-grantee target population which includes residents of Leon County ages 0 -18 through their projects. This involves both male and female genders. Race and ethnicity includes Whites, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Indian and Multiracial.


This project will involve the creation of a curriculum for policy change. Grantee leaders will be trained on PSE Change and will be provided with an exercise to practice what they learned in the training.  PSE will be accomplished through training, technical assistance, and coaching. Grantees have been grouped into clusters based on common goals and strategies to facilitate collaboration. 

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Leon County School Board

21st Century Community Learning Centers Program/Nutritming + Afterschool Tactical Game Play

Age: Learning Centers Afterschool Programs serving 60 students at Woodville & Gretchen Everhart Elementary schools


This project will used Nutri-Tiig to help normalize energy balance during the afterschool hours and implement a healthy living program which focuses on food, nutrition, physical activities and prevention.

Orange Avenue Tenants Association

OAUTA & Neighborhood Gardening @ Springfield

Age: 4 - 18


Our community garden program will be tailored for our participants, but adapted from the American Community Garden Association’s guidelines for launching a successful community garden. We have two goals: Educate residents on the importance of a healthy lifestyle- monthly; 2) Educate residents on the techniques of planting and harvesting a neighborhood garden.

Royalty Enrichment Group, Inc. d/b/a Javacya Arts Conservatory

Music is Movement

Age: 4- 18 years of age (Pre-k thru 12th grade)


The Music is Movement Program aligns with the call to action by engaging and supporting early education and development, especially for Pre-K students. The program also engages and supports access to local healthy foods.. The program will engage and support physical activity through the performing arts, in a manner that children understand and love.

Salvation Amy

Salvation Army Garden

Age: Middle-school students & surrounding community


To empower at least 20 youth to grow their own food through training, activities and success in the

community garden over the 2012-2013 school year. To provide at least $500 worth of local healthy produce per week to the local community. To provide some food for free to those in desperate need. Middle school aged youth will engage in physical activities such as planting, weeding and harvesting, and interactive lessons in nutrition and environmental science weekly during the school year. The local community members will visit the garden often for leisure, education, and the opportunity to purchase local healthy foods otherwise not available in this neighborhood.

Tallahassee Senior Foundation

Grandparents as Parents Program Coordinator

Age: Approximately 50 unduplicated Leon County grandparent-headed households who are registered participants in the GaP Program


The GaP Program will provide nutrition education of Food and Agricultural Sciences, to combat childhood (and grandparent) obesity through a short food-related presentation, highlighting a different topic each moth. They will prepare meals with demonstration. Monthly newsletters.

The Halle Martin Foundation, Inc.

Operation Healthy Kids

Age: 60 repeat participants and an additional 20 unduplicated program participants


Operation Healthy Kids program will focus on preventing and engaging kids (ages 4-19 years old) on the Autism Spectrum so they an maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a better "quality of life". In addition, they will have access to visual and cultural performing arts events in the area.

The TITUS Foundation


Age: 192 Children - Sabal Palm and Ft. Braden Elementary Schools


Expansion of CHAMPIONS to 21st Century schools. Using the Tactical Game Play program to engage participants in moderate-vigorous physical activity. Various levels of activity will be provided based upon the needs & fitness of the children.

UF/IFAS Leon County Extension Office

Get Healthy Together

Age: 100 families from the Tallahassee Housing Authority's Springfield Community Center


By using a the curriculum developed by the students of UF's Master of Science-Dietetic Internship Program, the aim is to teach children and families how to make healthy food choices, reinforce grade-specific (3rd-5th) learning skills; participate in a family-oriented physical activity and prepare healthy snacks as a family.

Visions of Manhood, Inc.

Macon Community Garden Project-Growing Healthy Foods and Youth

Age: 75 unduplicated program participants and 50 repeaters


The Macon Community Garden serves to enhance the well-being of children and their families by improving their attitudes and behavior related to food, physical activity and body image to build capacity for sustainable change.

Working Well

Adding It Up For Health

Age: Families and their Children


Educate the community on 95210 to impact the families via the parents through worksite, Create a 3 month program around 95210, and gather data on the use of 95210 tenants.

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