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Manager, Downtown North CRA Panama City


Toni Shamplain, currently is the Downtown North Program Manager for the City of Panama Community Redevelopment Agency; the CEO of System Navigators Enterprises, Inc, ( a not for profit) has conducted many state and national workshops, seminars in cultural diversity, management information systems, community development, community redevelopment and community collaboration to list a few. She has earned a vast number of certificates in management, budgeting, community organization, program evaluation, etc. Toni is Vice President of the A.D. Harris Improvement Society; serves on the Advisory Board for the Florida Asset Building Coalition and a member of the Board for the Bay Environmental Study Team (BEST).


Shamplain's accomplishments and vast experiences include but are not limited to:




Other professional experiences include testimony before United States Congressional Select Committee for Children and Families, TV guest, National CBS News, West 57 Street, Cocaine Addicted Women Residential Treatment; Guest lecturer, Georgetown University, University of Georgia , Visiting Professor for Historical Black Colleges and contributing author for the National Child Welfare League of America. International Consultant, County of Grenada; Recognized by Executive Office of White House, H.I.D.T.A. Shamplain has been featured in the L. A. Times and Stern Magazine in Germany.


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