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Weser Ra Ka Khufu was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida by his mother (Minnie Lee Washington), father (Abraham Washington) and his nine siblings. He attended Bond Elementary, R Frank Nims, FAMU High and Florida A & M University where he majored in Accounting & Civil Engineering. As a little boy he has always loved Africa. He was so impressed and inspired by the Ancient Egyptians and Khufu, in 1989 he change his name from James Lamar Washington to Weser Ra Ka Khufu. He has traveled to Ethiopia and Egypt to better understand and identify with his African Heritage. This voyage solidified his faith in God.


He has been working in the field of engineering and construction for half of a century. He started working as a mason helper for his father at the age of 11, at the age of 19 he was hired as an assistant engineer on the New Florida State Capitol Building. After three years of service on the State Capitol he was hired as an engineer with the Florida Department of Transportation where he worked five years, one year in road design and four years in right of way engineer. While at FDOT he acquired his contractor license. His professional services were solicited by the City of Tallahassee where he worked three years. In 1980 he began operating Pyramid Construction & Design and has been serving the local community and the State of Florida for 34 years. He has been a force in designing and constructing new Buildings and renovation historical sites in the Black Community. In the year 2000 he opened Khufu Chambers School of Master Builders. Although the School is not in operation he continued to teach math and construction trade to our youth. In 2011 he open Khufu’s Smokehouse where he advertise as world’s best-smoked meats. Over the past three years Weser Khufu has been serving as President of the Historical Black High School Athletic Organization.

Wesser Khufu

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