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Veronica Rodriguez

My name is Verónica Rodríguez, I´m originally from Michoacán México and I took the Call Center VT Class with Ms. Finch. My testimony about this class is that it really helped me to develop in personal and professional confidence and skills, and grow into a better person who understands others. It helped me to understand myself, and to have a better communication with customers. As I´ve been working most of the time in customer services, it was difficult to me sometimes to keep calm and solve the customer needs, but now after I took this VT while I was in FCI Tallahassee, it´s now easy for me to help the customers. It has helped me very well while I was applying for a job after my transition home, I learned how to perform the right way in a job interview, how to answer correctly and how to be more outspoken.


Currently I´m managing an agrochemical store, and I practice every day what I have learned from this VT, which I´m very thankful to Ms. Finch to have the time and patience to teach me how to become a better person in the professional and personal field.

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