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Keisha Sims

Life...expectations.. regrets.. consequences.. hopeful.. my life? Lol. I have been through enough to make me understand that my life ain't mines. God has kept me and contained me over and over. From verbal abuse to the sexual deviations of a family member that chose me to reign his hell down upon; and a useless and abusive marriage. Twenty-five years with a crack pipe in my mouth... Stagnant - never seeing the bigger picture or my potential. I am a G. I'm a thug. I'm a criminal. But am I really? Or am I a product if my environment? - A society who has never embraced me or my kind. Lock her up. Lock her up?..What about enhance her; educate her; embrace her; heal her; motivate her? Well society didn't but Ms. Finch did. I don't respect many people, and I don't take advice either. But meeting and having Ms. Finch EMBRACE me, RESPECT me, and most of all, love me enough to TEACH me has changed my life. I now understand that my personality type is what separates me from the rest..hmmmmm. Spirit of the hawk: Fly effortlessly and above the rest. I have the power to change a lot, and I owe a lot. Change is an ongoing process but I'm working it. I thank Ms. Finch; she truly is one of a kind and an amazing person. Killer Joe is what she calls me.

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